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Almater Hospital

Almater Hospital is one of the most prominent private hospitals in the North West Mexican region. They initially had a conservative image, from their logo to the color scheme. A decade or so ago they renewed their logo and started using a brighter, friendlier color scheme in their advertising and communication pieces in order to appeal to a more international audience for Medical Tourism. They've started to advertise themselves in airline magazines such as Aire from AeroMexico and V de Volaris from Volaris.


The projects I've worked on for them needed to have a fresh, contemporary, international look, yet possess a feeling of warmth and care.


All projects done while working at Treviño Creativo.

My involvement with this client has been in:
- Magazine ads: Art direction, design
- Patient guide covers: Creative direction, art direction, design
- Brochure: Art direction, design
- Business card design

Advertisements, visual and brand identity
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